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Mark Anderson

Mark’s interest in carpentry began at an early age. As a young boy he helped his father with projects around their Southern California home and spent countless hours in middle and high school wood shops. In his senior year he had enough credits to complete school early, but stayed on to take an additional three periods of wood shop until graduating with his Los Angeles, Taft High School classmates and friends. After graduation he began working as a finish carpenter for a contractor he had thrown newspapers to as a kid. That contractor, Jack Kolstedt, introduced Mark to the amazing world of interior woodwork and a caliber of craftsmanship that was rivaled by few. After some years in college and with a skill that enabled him to work and travel, he landed a managerial position with a large California stair building company. That business, owned by entrepreneurs Herman Mensch and Judy Davison, provided hundreds of staircases for upscale residential developments and exclusive one of a kind masterpieces for some of the finest and largest custom homes of our time.

To be closer to family, and with an extensive knowledge of woodworking and customer service, Mark opened his business in Southeastern Washington in November of 1990. He has been grateful to have been steadily busy ever since.


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